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Quality of Life Survey 7

The implementation of the GCRO Quality of Life Survey is an enormous undertaking. Consequently, early preparatory work for the 7th survey iteration is already underway. Key preparatory activities include costing, development of time frames, and the exploration of potential thematic focus areas for QoL 7.

Methodological feasibility study

As part of the preparations for QoL 7, the GCRO conducted a feasibility study in late 2021 and early 2022. This explored potential strategies to reduce the difficulty and cost of implementing a QoL survey. This mixed methods project included secondary analysis of QoL 6 survey implementation metadata, for an enhanced understanding of survey yield in different areas, as well as the effectiveness of various approaches to negotiating access. Over 20 qualitative interviews with gatekeepers, community and security groups, and ward councillors, to better understand their preferences and experiences with providing access for survey teams.

Finally, informed by the two previous parts of the study, a small, in-field pilot of various modes of recruitment and interview was conducted. The pilot tested the feasibility of various modified in-person recruitment processes, as well as telephonic recruitment. Participants were offered the opportunity to complete the interview in a range of different ways - in person with an interviewer, on their own using a study tablet, on their own on a web interface, over the phone, or via a zoom interview.

The study has provided valuable learnings to support the process of securing access and community buy-in for survey implementation in challenging areas. Results suggest that the QoL survey will need to continue to operate on a largely in-person basis, although there is some evidence that supports the use of telephonic recruitment and interviews in areas where access challenges are particularly severe. The study report is available for download here.

Findings from the study are anticipated in April 2022, and will inform planning for the QoL 7 survey.

Other Quality of Life surveys

All Quality of Life survey data is made freely available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Data can be accessed via the DataFirst service based at UCT, or on request from the GCRO.

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