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Local Officials And The Struggle to Transform Cities - A view from Post-apartheid South Africa

GCRO Senior Researchers Dr. Darlington Mushongera and Dr. Mamokete Modiba published individual chapters in a recent edited volume Local Officials and the Struggle to Transform Cities. Overall, the book analyses governance challenges in South African cities, with a focus on state practices in a post-apartheid context.

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Unpacking Pervasive Heteronormativity in sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities to Embrace Multiplicity of Sexualities

The article reviews literature on the challenges facing queer people in sub-Saharan Africa and uses relevant strands of queer theory to argue for reimagining an African society that embraces a multiplicity of sexualities.

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Interrogating Park Access And Equity In Johannesburg, South Africa

Evidence suggests that equitable access to green spaces such as parks contributes positively to urban liveability and improved quality of life, especially in cities with complex socio-economic challenges. This study uses GIS to examine park access in Johannesburg through an environmental justice lens.

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Socio-economic inequality in the City of Tshwane, South Africa: a multivariable spatial analysis at the neighbourhood level

This paper provides a multidimensional spatial perspective of patterns of socio-economic inequality in the City of Tshwane, South Africa and consider changes to socio-economic status over time. High and low socio-economic status is spatially polarised and represent a continuation of past spatial patterns.

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Trickle-out urbanism: are Johannesburg’s gated communities good for their poor neighbours?

The developers of Steyn City in northern Johannesburg argue that this elite development is good for nearby informal settlements. This paper assesses these claims.

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Understanding the impact of government housing on environmental sustainability and social justice

This paper uses empirical data to assess some of the justice and sustainability implications of government housing developments in Gauteng. The analysis draws on GCRO’s Quality of Life V (2017/18) survey and interviews with residents of Lufhereng and Pennyville housing developments.

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