GCRO hosts the AfricaMobility Network

  • Date of publication: 31 October 2023

On the 5th and 6th of October, during national transport month in South Africa, the GCRO hosted the 5th Workshop of the AfricaMobility Network as part of the Mobility in African City Regions project. The project is managed in partnership with Metropolis, the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, the GCRO and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB). The project facilitates the coming together of four city-regions of Gauteng, Dakar, Maputo and Barcelona to share experiences and lessons of mobility solutions and governance.


Figure 1: Mobility governance presentations being made by the participating regions

The 5th workshop of the AfricaMobility Network focused on the topic of mobility governance and provided an opportunity for the four participating city region’s transport authorities to provide an overview of their governance arrangements to support mobility. This builds on previous engagements which have focused on the topics or informal transport, indicators and Bus Rapid Transit as themes which are of mutual interest to the participating regions.


Figure 2: Participants playing a block building game to illustrate the different between simple, complicated and complex problem-solving

On the second day of the meeting participants were hosted by the City of Johannesburg’s transport department on a tour of the BRT system. This allowed participants in other regions to experience a BRT system first hand. The participants highlighted the value of being able to share and learn from practitioner experiences.


Figure 3: Participants walking in Vilakazi street as part of a Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) tour provided by the City of Johannesburg


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